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Golden Hour


Assortment of of transformational photography sponsored by a higher power.

Dogs @ Play


Mostly dog beach photos shot in Huntington Beach California. Find me there early mornings on the weekend.


Birds @ the Beach


Beach birds are fun to shoot. They all have a personality and a beauty all their own.

Close Up Flower Photos


The camera see's things that the eye does not. Close up photography of flowers is not only fun but reminds us all of the beauty of nature.

Ariel Photos & Landscapes


One of my favorite things to do is shoot landscapes from any angle, any position, in any weather. 

Abstract Close Up's


Abstract close up work always seems silly to me, even a waste of time - all until I see the photo's and I cant wait to share.

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City & Urban Scenes


Family and friends have always made fun of the time I spend trying to capture interesting photos while visiting new places, I love this.

Lakes & Dramatic Scenes


Making photos helps us appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. It also reminds us even years after of the fun we had and will again.

Weddings & Portraits


Shooting weddings is stressful. You only get ONE try. The reward is memories captured and having the honor of sharing this most special of events.

Surfers & Water


Love to capture surfers and surprise them with their photos on social media.




Family photos are so special. When faced with a disaster at home they are often the most sought after items. Memories captured and saved.

About the Photographer


My love for photography started with my first Brownie camera. Instamatic's then a later my first Nikon. The reaction that people have when they see a great photo is priceless, I have the same feeling too. | 562.281.7355 |

Photo Fun


Sexy Surfers

Creative Photography


Office Christmas Party Fun, your photographer is Santa Clause

What do you want to Photograph?


Amateur  model shoot 2010 

Blood Moon Night


Blood Moon - lunar eclipse shot with Nikon D600 & D5600, 800mm manual

Real Estate Photos


25 Years of Real Estate experience. Creating the best MLS & Hi-Res magazine quality photo's is an art and requires the right lenses, lighting and experience. Link takes to a property I entitled, built, staged and sold.




Stormy HuntingtonDog Beach Day

Shot during sunrise and shortly after in Huntington Beach CA. - February 10, 2019

Huntington Beach Pier Video

Shot on a rainy evening February, 2019 - Drone Video and Photography